Nginx has big plans for JavaScript

Nginx (pronounced "engine x") has become so popular as a Web server, with an estimated installed base of 140 million websites, that it now runs 38.8 percent of the top 1,000 websites as ranked by Alexa this spring, surpassing Microsoft and Apache servers. It also has attracted the attention of Canonical, which has decided to support it as a component of its Ubuntu Server Linux distribution.

The first-ever Nginx Conference was held in Burlingame, Calif., this week, further affirming the open source Web server's status as a member of the big leagues of technology. InfoWorld Editor-at-Large Paul Krill dropped in on the event and chatted with Igor Sysoev, co-founder of Nginx and developer of its namesake technology, and Andrew Alexeev, also a co-founder, to talk about what to expect from Nginx and touch on issues surrounding it.


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